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GSS Medical Outsourcing Services  

With production offices in India, Global Sourcing Strategies can take your data in any form, be it electronic, paper, video, or audio and convert it into a digital form you can use. We can send you your information then via the Internet, email, FTP, or CD-ROM. If desired, we can retain and archive your records ensuring a secure back-up. Our services help lower your costs while maintaining the integrity of your information.

Our services include:

bullet Medical Transcription: Health Care Professionals utilize our service to quickly convert audio dictations to to a format that works for you. Not only does it save time, but also money.
bullet Medical Billing/Coding: Physicians and clinics utilize our system to alleviate the burden of filing and pursuing claims while increasing revenue.
bulletData Entry
bulletVideo Transcription
bulletData Conversion: we transform the traditional paper version to a searchable and easily usable electronic form.

Global Sourcing Strategies is a Leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services company.  By utilizing the Internet and by taking advantage of India's geographic location we can ensure overnight turnaround time to our clients. Maintain your security, confidentiality, and efficiency by using our alternative to managing your own data staff.